Diabetes Education Program


This program offers in-depth accurate information to those with Diabetes and their caregivers/families.  Diabetes affects 23.6 million people in the United States, which equals almost 8% of the population.  Pre-diabetes affects 57 million people.  The level of estimated diagnosed diabetes in Cavalier County for those 20 years and older is 6.7%.* 


Individual Consults

Individual consults are available with the Registered Dietitian and Registered Nurse Diabetes Educator.  Initial visits usually last one hour.

Topics addressed include:


Educational materials will be provided for you to take home for a continued source of educational development and self-management.  Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and other health insurance companies usually cover the cost of your diabetes education visits.  Please check with your insurance provider for coverage specific to your plan.  Schedule your appointment at (701)256-6100.


Diabetes Education Support Group

Meet with others who have Diabetes.  Support group sessions focus on a variety of different topics including: holidays, traveling and more.  You will not only receive information on current topics related to this disease, but you will receive support from those around you.  The support group meets quarterly.  No fee for the support group.


Prediabetes Education

Prediabetes is not covered by most insurance companies.  To provide you with tools you need to manage your health, participate in a one hour class for $25.  Spend 30 minutes each with the Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Nurse Educator.  Information covered: what is prediabetes, nutrition management, physical activity, community resources, and goal setting. 



*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Diabetes Surveillance System available online at: http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/statistics/index.htm.  Retrieved 4/27/10.